Alif: The FULL Story WITH Complete Spoilers

On demand, I have worked out the FULL outline of Umera Ahmed’s “Alif.” The Drama starts on Saturday, October 5 on GEO. This is a SERIOUS disclaimer that on the off chance that you don’t need the whole story ruined for you, don’t understand this. This is the full story from start to finish. I’ve attempted to incorporate however many subtleties as could be allowed, yet I may have forgotten about certain things. Haha, appreciate.


The story follows the lives of a few characters, yet the four primary characters are Taaha, Husn E Jahaan, Qalb E Momin and Momina. The story is told in flashbacks and moves from the past to the present just as exchanging among Turkey and Pakistan. It’s difficult to abridge, in light of the fact that a significant part of the data is uncovered at various purposes of time, however I will attempt!

The story opens with Qalb E Momin, a young man who lives with his mom, Husn E Jahaan, in a little house in Turkey. He composes letters to Allah day by day where he requests material things, since they are not wealthy. In any case, he additionally requests his mom’s satisfaction and wishes that Allah sends his dad back so they can be a family once more. It’s gradually uncovered through these letters that Husn E Jahaan and Taaha are Momin’s folks and they got into a battle which came about in Taaha going out – and didn’t return (time allotment, approximately a year or more). Husn E Jahaan keeps on sitting tight for him, sorry for her conduct and brimming with blame. Momin affectionately portrays his mom as basic, yet lovely and gripes that she used to spruce up for her dad, yet does not do anymore. One day in the wake of discovering Momin’s letters to Allah, Husn E Jahaan chooses to compose her very own letter to Tahaa and sends it (alongside the entirety of Momin’s letters) to the spot she trusts Taaha is – his dad’s home, Abdul Aala. The two get a letter over from Abdul Aala reporting his appearance. Husn E Jahaan joyfully plans for Taaha’s arrival.

On the day, Abdul Aala shows up alone. Subsequent to talking, Husn E Jahaan and Abdul Aala understand that neither knows where Taaha is. They sob and make up as Abdul Aala approaches Husn E Jahaan for pardoning and vows to discover Taaha. Time passes and it is found that Taaha died in a fender bender. Heart-broken, Husn E Jahaan and Momin move back to Pakistan.


Abdul Aala is a world-celebrated calligrapher. His craft is housed in numerous galleries and notwithstanding his acclaim and fortune, he carries on with a basic life in a little house in an unassuming community in Turkey. He gives his life to Allah and works painting calligraphy committed to his Creator. Bringing up his lone child, Taaha, he instructs Taaha the privately-run company too and Taaha is additionally an effective calligrapher. Taaha is likewise a spinning dervish and discovers euphoria in performing at social occasions – something which Abdul Aala and Taaha conflict on, as Abdul Aala accepts he should just move in private for Allah. Taaha proceeds to perform at a colossal social occasion occurring with entertainers from everywhere throughout the world.

Husn E Jahaan is the sovereign of the Pakistani film industry. A delight with ability in acting and moving, she attempts to help her family, yet isn’t especially cheerful doing as such. Joined by Sultan, her dependable aide and cosmetics craftsman, she visits Turkey to perform at a social show. It is here that she meets Taaha and everything changes for the two. Sultan is given to Husn E Jahaan and he is agonizingly infatuated with her.

Taaha begins to look all starry eyed at Husn E Jahaan from the start sight and, without precedent for his life, Taaha paints a representation of a lady. He blessings the artistic creation to Husn E Jahaan and she is taken. Husn E Jahaan feels the draw towards Taaha, accepting he is the vessel that will transform her and carry her closer to Allah. She needs to be liberated from the universe of diversion, a world that flourishes  Best Pakistani Dramas with capitalizing on a lady’s marvel and body. She makes careful arrangements in discovering something proper to wear when going to meet Abdul Aala, making Sultan insane by making him find unassuming garments, however when she is fruitless, she chooses to take a white bedsheet and wears it around herself. This is the degree to which Husn E Jahaan needed to purify her picture and her spirit. Notwithstanding, Abdul Aala rejects Husn E Jahaan through and through. While he is a benevolent soul given to his Creator, Abdul Aala is overcome with judgment for Husn E Jahaan, in light of the fact that in addition to the fact that he believes she’s in an unsatisfactory calling, yet additionally on the grounds that he is harmed to the point that his child has been so seriously diverted from religion. He is enraged that in his family heredity of calligraphers, Taaha is the first to have at any point painted the representation of a moving lady and he accepts that shaitaan is hauling Taaha away from Allah. Abdul Aala’s dismissal of Husn E Jahaan causes Taaha to venture out from home and the two start their coexistence without Abdul Aala’s gifts.

This dismissal of his dad’s causes Taaha extreme enthusiastic strife. While the two lovebirds are committed to one another and proceed to have a child, their relationship suffers because of their individual torment. While Taaha grieves the loss of his dad, he likewise finds that without his dad’s favors, he can not paint anymore and do calligraphy with the flawlessness he once did. His canvases presently appear “standard” and he battles to discover purchasers – which implies he can’t procure cash. He cries and reviles himself, feeling just as Allah is rebuffing him. Viewing Taaha in torment likewise causes Husn E Jahaan torment on an alternate level. She feels irate that Abdul Aala didn’t acknowledge her and has driven the couple into this position. She likewise feels dismissal, on a level, from Taaha and feels blame for doing this to him. In the midst of everything, the two have their child, Qalb E Momin, and they are an affectionate family until one day, Husn E Jahaan and Taaha have a battle and Taaha is gone forever.

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